The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has issued a new ‘easy-read’ guide to Carer’s Allowance, a payment for people who spend at least 35 hours each week providing regular care to someone who has a disability or medical condition.

The guidance on the GOV.UK website, explains how you do not have to be related to, or live with the person you care for to qualify for Carer’s Allowance, however, the person you care for must be receiving certain benefits because of their condition, which in some cases has to be paid at a specific rate.

Carer’s Allowance is now paid at £69.70 each week and you can choose to be paid weekly in advance or every four weeks, giving you £278.80 each payment period.

However, if you qualify for Carer’s Allowance, your other benefit payments may change, but the DWP guidance states that your total benefits will usually go up or stay the same.

When you get Carer’s Allowance, the person you care for will usually stop getting:

· Severe Disability Premium paid with their benefits
· An extra amount of severe disability paid with Pension Credit

They may also stop getting reduced Council Tax

Claiming Carer’s Allowance with State Pension

You cannot get the full amount of both Carer’s Allowance and your State Pension at the same time.
The DWP explains: “If you get State Pension, you can still get Carer’s Allowance if this is less than your State Pension benefits.”

If your pension is £69.70 a week or more, you will not get a Carer’s Allowance payment, but your Pension Credit payments will increase instead.

If your pension is less than £69.70 a week, you will get a Carer’s Allowance payment to make up the difference.

How do I make a claim for Carer’s Allowance?

You can claim online at the GOV.UK website at the following link or phone the Carer’s Allowance Unit for a claim form on 0800 731 0297.